The Amazing Grace Foundation
fighting pediatric cancer

Our Mission


We strive to work toward a future with better pediatric cancer outcomes and better quality of life during treatment — one child at a time.


Helping children with a rare disease

Did you know that around 1,000 new cases of Osteosarcoma are diagnosed each year in the United States? Osteosarcoma is a rare disease that only accounts for 2% of pediatric cancers, but nearly 50% of Osteosarcoma cases are found in those who have not yet reached adulthood. (See more at the American Cancer Society.)

Seeking game-changing treatments

Did you know that current Osteosarcoma treatments have expanded to include not only new approaches to surgery and chemotherapy but also innovative forms of radiation therapy, immunotherapy drugs, and targeted therapy drugs? Researchers are exploring these avenues and more, including combining different treatments together. (See more at the American Cancer Society.)

Making a dent in a mountain of costs

Did you know that in 2009, pediatric hospital stays principally for cancer cost $859.8 million? That averaged out to approximately $40,000 per family, per stay. That's nearly five times the cost of hospitalization for other pediatric conditions, and it can easily mount to several hundred thousand dollars over the course of one child's treatment. (See more at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.)