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Matias & Ava



When Matias was just 3 years old he started suffering from extreme fatigue, a constant cold, and his skin became yellow. His family took him to see the doctor and after many tests, Matias was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He received 4 rounds of chemotherapy and after 8 months he relapsed. He then received another 4 rounds of chemo and an extremely difficult bone marrow transplant. After 8 months he relapsed again. Matias and his mother moved to Charlotte, NC where he began to receive further treatment at Levine Children’s Hospital. After an additional 4 rounds of the chemo Matias is still fighting. He needs another bone marrow transplant but needs to get into full remission before he receives it. He loves Minecraft, Legos, and Super Heroes. He loves to ride his bike and go to the park and is excited about his upcoming trip to Universal Studios where he hopes to meet the “real” transformers.



This is Ava, she is 2 years old and was diagnosed with High Risk Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in August 2017. Prior to being diagnosed she had trouble with recurring ear infections (which were thought could be normal), and hip/arm pain. We went to several appointments before her parents were able to get any answers for the hip/arm pain. The day of the appointment she met an incredible doctor who was able to put the puzzle pieces together. Ava was admitted to Levine Children’s Hospital the same day. Her bone marrow biopsy took place three days later and found out the cause to all of the problems she was having. Ava gained remission after 3 months of chemotherapy. Since January she has been battling intense chemo, terrible side effects, fevers, ear infections, the flu, NG tube, countless nights/ days inpatient and she has overcome it all. Levine’s became Ava’s home away from home after the new year and her famly are so thankful to all the nurses, doctors and staff. Considering the weight of chemo/ side effects/ and the horrible diagnosis. She hasn’t let any of it steal her shine or personality. She is the sweetest child, a princess and warrior! We are in awe of her strength!